Optimis is with you every step of the way, from specifying the perfect solution to customisation and day-to-day support

Optimis services

Optimis makes changing from your existing systems easy with a suite of in-house services to ensure a smooth and painless transition.

With Optimis’s specialist ERP business consultants the implementation process is efficient, effective and well managed.


Successful implementation starts first by determining a future proof solution – identifying what functions you need to meet demand and for superior performance today, while helping you to be prepared for the future.

We will help you work through this process to develop a set of requirements and a robust plan.

Here’s where we identify areas your business can:-

  • Become more efficient
  • Access better information for making decisions
  • Improve communications to your customers and suppliers


Implementing a new system can be involved, sometimes it’s complex.

Together we determine an action plan for smooth implementation and then we support you throughout the process with expert project management.

Our support is tailored to fit your in-house resource to ensure Optimis is implemented effectively and efficiently.


Optimis is designed to be customised to each clients individual needs.

 We can develop add-on functionality within the application to handle your specific and unique requirements.

This can include redesigning screen layouts, workflows and reports, through to setting up new functions specific to your business.

We find most manufacturing companies need ERP software that has the ability to be customised to their conditions.

The ease of how this can be done is a major strength of Optimis.


Operating with Optimis is easy.

We provide ongoing day-to-day support, especially through the first few months as the system is embedded in your organisation.

Most support issues can be worked through online by sharing screens and remote connections to the applications.


Having access to your business systems while away from the office is increasingly important.

Optimis is designed for remote connection to access the main application when away from the office or factory.

The use of mobile apps and the Optimis API adds further options for remote access to critical information.


Improve the input of information to boost efficiency and accuracy.

Automation technologies allow different software programs to work together and use information direct from production machines.

Using the Optimis API and utilities information from different sources is brought together in real time to help you manage your business.

How our pricing works

Pricing is based on several components related to how you use the Optimis platform, including module selection, data storage options, and the number of users.

We offer tailored packages to meet your operational and business development needs. 

See how switching to Optimis will enable you to manage every aspect of your business