Manufacturing software that
does more

Customisable ERP software
made in New Zealand to help
manage and grow your business.

Powerful manufacturing
management software

Manage your jobs, projects, planning and processes all in one dynamic platform.

What makes Optimis unique?

Unlike other solutions, Optimis Systems addresses the individual requirements of each company we work with by providing full customisation along with integration with your accounting system.

Key benefits


Because all businesses
work differently.

No two companies are the same, even in the same industry. Optimis offers zero limitations and practical solutions when addressing the individual requirements of your business.

Automate routine tasks for efficiency and results.

Make smarter decisions with customisable real-time dashboards.


A tool to enable growth.

Optimis is ideal for moving from stand-alone programs or spreadsheets to a smart business management system to deliver efficiency, access to quality information and to communicate effectively with suppliers and customers.


A system that makes change easy.

From implementation to everyday use Optimis is designed for an intuitive user experience. 

Optimis is with you every step of the way, from specifying the perfect solution, to users being fully supported by the in-house Optimis systems support team. 


Control your entire business
from one platform.

Optimis manages all your key processes.

Forecast, purchase, quote, schedule, manage jobs, invoice and report and more – all in one place.

Work from anywhere. Desktop or web-based using cloud storage to empower your team to manage and control the business no matter where they are located.

See how switching to Optimis will enable you to efficiently manage every aspect of your business

Trusted by businesses like yours

Optimis Systems has been trusted by
New Zealand businesses for over 20 years.